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Month: August 2022

What is a Temporary Hearing in a Divorce or Custody Case?

Two of the most common issues that need to be expeditiously resolved by the Court while a civil action is pending are matters related to temporary child support and or temporary alimony.

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How to Talk to Your Children About Divorce or Separation?

A recent article by Ann Buscho Ph.D. with Psychology Today took an in depth look at the best way to approach telling children that their parents are getting a separation or a divorce. While acknowledging that this conversation is difficult and can be painful, it is important that children hear this information from their parents first and not from another source.

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Are Father’s at a Disadvantage in Contested Custody Cases?

In courtrooms across the country the common perception is that women have an advantage when it comes to obtaining a favorable outcome in child custody cases. The nature of the woman’s typical role in the child’s life, in most cases, means that they carry a larger percentage of the day-to-day responsibilities of raising and caring for the child. However, although statistics do show a higher percentage of mothers being awarded primary custody in contested cases, the classification of mother does not automatically mean the issue has already been decided before the parties appear in court.

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How Do I Prove My Spouse’s Self-Employed Income?

One of the most useful techniques is to review spending habits of a self-employed spouse over an extended period of time. For instance, a couple can have an idea that their relationship is heading towards a divorce for a period of time. This can give a party an opportunity to prepare for that possibility. If a spouse is observed with increased suspicious activity such as moving monies from business accounts, making large purchases and increasing their spending on miscellaneous items it can be a signal that a party is attempting to create the appearance of decreased income or simply hiding assets.

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Georgia Pet Custody: Who Gets the Dog in a Georgia Divorce?

When it comes to a divorce between a couple that has decided to end their marriage, the opportunity for conflict is limitless. Most people think of the marital home, retirement plans and child custody when litigation in a divorce proceeding comes to mind. However, anything that is valued by the husband and wife within the home is ripe as a source of dispute, even the family pet.

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What If My Spouse Is Voluntarily Unemployed or Underemployed?

In the State of Georgia, the Georgia child support worksheet determines the amount of child support paid by the non-custodial parent. However, there are instances where a parent suspects that the other parent is intentionally not working or not working in a capacity...

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The Income Shares Model and Calculating Georgia Child Support

In 2007 The State of Georgia enacted the “income shares” model which calculates child support by taking into account the income sources of both parents. The Georgia child support laws established a presumption that the custodial parent will bear the expenses related...

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