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Ways to Ensure a Safe Child Custody Exchange

There are several opportunities for parents of minor children to have conflict during litigation to determine child custody and child support. The actual physical exchange of the child from one parent to the other is no different. Whether in the form of a temporary visitation order or a final decree, at some point the court will lay out the rules in which parties are to exchange the child or children for the purpose of visitation. Often times the ability of the parties to engage in successful custody exchanges will depend on a few factors. Regardless, there are several suggestions to ensure a peaceful custody exchange:

  • Find a neutral place to make the custody exchanges:
    • This particularly important if there have been instances of violence in the past or a reasonable fear that a party may become violent. Parties can either agree or may be ordered by the court to meet at a public place such as a police station or a shopping center. Meeting in public may decrease the likelihood of a dispute.
  • Use a co-parenting counselor
    • Often times the source of the problem is an inability to resolve conflict. Co-parenting therapy is designed to help parents put their anger and hurt towards one another aside for the benefit of their children. Co-parenting counselors are trained professionals and experts in assisting couples with resolving a myriad of issues such as difficult custody exchanges.
  • Use of co-parenting applications
    • Co-parenting applications such as “ourfamilywizard” allow for another medium for communications between parents and can also be stored for future use. These apps can also assist with coordinating calendars, storing documents such as court orders and reminders for parties. Most importantly, these apps can reduce conflict by reducing direct communication between the parties.
  • Be Mindful of Who Actually Goes to the Exchange
    • The goal of the custody exchange is to ensure that the bond between both parents continues to thrive. If bringing a new partner to the exchange increases the likelihood of an argument or ill feelings, it may be best to rethink that decision.

Divorce and custody cases provide one the most conflict riddled litigation examples in the court system. Couples spend most of the legal process arguing over financial statements, legal documents, custody, visitation and a host of other issues put before the court. It can be difficult for some to move past the litigation and on to life as co-parents of minor children. However, focusing on creating a plan to resolve this issue in advance provides the greatest opportunity for success. Attorneys at the Faucette Law Firm, LLC represent clients in contested and uncontested divorces, legitimation, modification, adoptions, alimony and child custody cases. We serve Douglas, Cobb, Gwinnett, Fayette, Fulton, Henry, Clayton, DeKalb, Paulding and Carroll counties. Contact our firm today for a consultation.