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Ways to Ensure a Safe Child Custody Exchange

There are several opportunities for parents of minor children to have conflict during litigation to determine child custody and child support. The actual physical exchange of the child from one parent to the other is no different. Whether in the form of a temporary visitation order or a final decree, at some point the court will lay out the rules in which parties are to exchange the child or children for the purpose of visitation.

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What Must Be in a Georgia Parenting Plan?

The parenting plan outlines which parent will have legal and physical custody of the minor child. Additionally, these plans can give very detailed instructions on visitation, medical decisions, religious affiliation decisions and other matters related to caring for the child. Regardless, whether a custody matter arose because of a legitimation or a divorce, O.C.G.A §19-9-1 provides requirements as to what provisions must be included in every parenting plan in the state of Georgia.

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Can a Custodial Parent Move Out of the State with the Child?

The ability of a parent to make decisions as it relates to a child’s life depends on the type of custody the parent has. The two types of child custody in the state of Georgia are physical and legal custody. Physical custody simply refers to having physical possession...

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What Happens If My Spouse Denies Visitation During The Holidays?

The issue of custody and visitation is typically the primary determination before the court in divorce and legitimation proceedings. During the child custody determination the court’s role is to determine what is in the best interest of the child. This will take into...

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How to Navigate Virtual Court Hearings and Virtual Mediation

“Virtual Hearings” This is not a phrase that most attorneys are used to hearing. Due to the rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus, most court rooms have switched to web streaming software in an attempt to continue to hear cases while being as safe as possible. There are...

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How To Use Your Parenting Plan for The Holidays

    We are going into the most wonderful time of the year; the holidays! As exciting as it can be, this can also be a very confusing and uncertain time for parents who are following a parenting plan. A parenting plan is a child custody plan developed by the...

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Are Fathers At A Disadvantage In Custody Battles?

When most people think of custody battles in divorce related cases they assume that the father is at a disadvantage. A lot of this perception has more to do with the previous generation's traditional work/home roles in the household. Typically, the father of the...

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Drug Use And It’s Effect On Custody

In any divorce case where children are involved and custody is at issue the Court will look to see what is in the best interest of the child. To that end, the lifestyles and living circumstances of the parents are critical in this determination. In particular, if a...

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What Mothers Need To Know About Child Support and Child Custody

The issues that come up during divorce proceedings are often times complex in nature. To add to this point, depending on the party, each one will have it's own set of unique considerations to keep in mind as they work their way through the pitfalls of the legal...

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