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Georgia Court Examples of “Substantial Change in Circumstances” for Divorce Modifications

The State of Georgia provides a legal procedure for modification of alimony or child support payments. The modification process applies to those cases where periodic installments have been granted. When the Court issues a final order it intends for it’s final decree to be the last word on the issues of custody and alimony and limits each parties ability to filed motions for modifications. In fact, in order for a party to modify an order of child support within two years of the previous order they must show a substantial change in circumstances.

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Are Lottery Winnings a Marital Asset?

A divorce is not final until the court enters what is called a “final decree” outlining the terms such as how property will be divided and whether either party will receive support. This typically doesn’t create conflict due to most divorcing couples refraining from acquiring additional assets until their divorce has concluded. Unfortunately, the timing of life events is not always ideal.

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Are Older Couple’s Divorce Rates Increasing?

A recent article published by Kiplinger looked at the steady increase in the rate of divorce amongst Baby Boomers since the 1990’s. This particular group of divorce candidates have been referred to as a “grey divorce”. There are several theories noted throughout the...

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Is It Time for A Divorce?

Sometimes signs that we may need to evaluate our relationship can be all around us. Sometimes it comes in the form of persistent arguments, infidelity or simply a feeling that the relationship isn’t providing the same fulfillment it once was. The question becomes, how can you tell if you should begin to consider divorce or work to maintain the relationship.

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The Many Forms of Distracted Driving

All of us have glanced into the window of a car passing by only to observe the driver holding a phone in one hand while attempting to drive their vehicle. This is one form of multi-tasking that the law specifically prohibits. O.C.G.A §40-6-241 makes it illegal to hold a cell phone or other wireless telecommunications device while operating a motor vehicle.

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Should You Use a Parenting Coordinator in Your Divorce?

A 2021 Forbes article by Patricia Fersch looked at the impact of parent coordinators on the divorce process. A parenting coordinator are specially trained professionals that focus on helping parents manage their parenting plan, improve communication, and resolve disputes.

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Premises Liability: What Is Ordinary Care?

Most premises liability cases come in the form of “trip and fall” or “slip and fall” cases. In order to be successful in a premises liability case the plaintiff must plead and prove that (1) the defendant had actual or constructive knowledge of the hazard; and (2) the plaintiff, despite exercising ordinary care for his or her own personal safety lacked knowledge of the hazard due to the defendant’s actions or to conditions under the defendant’s control.

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