Using Contempt Actions In Family Court

The relief felt by divorce clients after a divorce settlement has been reached can often be dashed by the ex-spouse's failure to comply with the agreement. These failures can jeopardize lifestyles and even the health and safety of your children. There are, however, actions you can take to call these failures to the court's attention and compel the opposing party to face their responsibilities. This can be done by filing a post-decree enforcement or a contempt action. An accusation of contempt is a serious step and requires proper vigilance and evaluation before re-approaching the court.

At Faucette Law Firm LLC in Georgia, we have experience both presenting appropriate contempt actions and defending against them when they are not called for. No matter what side of the table you're on in the event of a contempt order, our skilled, sensitive representatives are ready to help assess your post-divorce circumstances, or any other legal matters concerning your family. We can take action on your behalf.

If you believe you need to file, or have been served, we encourage you to call our firm today. A knowledgeable family lawyer is ready to listen to your needs.

When Should Contempt Actions Take Place?

When an ex-spouse fails to honor their end of a divorce agreement, a contempt action could be viable. Similarly, other inappropriate behaviors may be grounds for a viable contempt filing. Contempt actions are most common in the following issues:

  • Custody violations
  • Delinquent child support payments
  • Alimony payments
  • Parenting conduct
  • Division of property issues
  • Various financial issues (mortgages, assets, etc.)

Enforcement of these actions can lead to serious consequences if a judge does find a party in contempt. It is not uncommon for jail time or fines and further enforcements to be used as punishment in these cases.

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