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Frequently Asked High-Asset Divorce Questions

Can one spouse take all of our assets, savings and retirement accounts?

Dissolving a marriage that has large assets is more complex than a divorce with modest property and finances. If you and your soon-to-be ex have many homes, properties, businesses, retirement accounts, stock holdings, art collections and high-priced vehicles, it is important to have an experienced high-asset divorce lawyer. An attorney experienced in divorces of couples with significant wealth and income can help you determine and uncover all assets – even those that may be hidden by the other spouse. We can help you seek what you are entitled to when a high-asset marriage ends.

 Who gets the houses?

High-asset divorcing couples have a lot at stake when it comes to dividing property and deciding who gets what. Georgia courts do not recognize “community property” as some other states do. This means everything acquired during a marriage is not automatically owned equally by both spouses. Georgia courts will typically confirm what is marital property vs. separate property. Separate property may include gifts, inheritances and any property acquired before you were married, while marital property is typically any property acquired during the marriage.

A Georgia court will look at these aspects when distributing marital property:

  • Is there any separate property?
  • Finances of each spouse
  • Ages and health of spouses
  • Conduct of each spouse in relation to the divorce process
  • Future needs of each person

An extensively-experienced divorce law firm like ours can help you tell the court why you want and value certain pieces of property. Let us help you get what you desire and deserve so you can move on in your life.

We own several businesses. What will happen?

Dividing businesses can be complicated as typically there are both assets and debts involved. A business’s worth or value must be determined. This involves determining the value of the real estate, how many debts are owed and what is the cash flow. If one spouse desires to keep the business and the other doesn’t, the other partner can be bought out. Or perhaps you will decide to do a business liquidation. A divorce attorney experienced in business law can help ensure you receive your portion of the business assets.

How much alimony or financial support will I receive or have to pay?

A judge may award temporary alimony while a divorce proceeding is in process. After the divorce is final, one party may receive permanent or temporary alimony. This financial support, which is received or paid, will depend on several factors;

  • A couple’s standard of living
  • The paying spouse’s salary
  • The supported spouse’s earning capacity
  • Each spouse’s contribution to the marriage such as the career building of a party, taking care of children and education.
  • Ages and health of each spouse
  • Length of marriage

Our knowledgeable alimony attorney knows the laws and can help you determine support specifics such as will you pay or receive long-term support.

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