Legitimation vs. Paternity: Protecting Fathers' Rights

Fathers' rights cases have become more and more common nationwide as more men seek to legally ensure a significant role in the lives of their children. Still, these cases often face formidable obstacles for men, even in Georgia, where mothers are still overwhelmingly favored as caretakers. Often, the matter of paternity is pursued by fathers, but legitimation can also further protect and integrate the father into the child's life, specifically when the parents are unmarried.

When pursuing any fathers' rights case, it is critical that clients understand the difference between these two terms, how they can be achieved, and what effects they can have on the lives of their children. If you are seeking the legal means to establish your rightful role as a father, then we urge you contact us at Faucette Law Firm LLC for dedicated and assertive counsel from an Atlanta firm extensively experienced in family law matters.

What Are The Differences Between Legitimation And Paternity?

Fathers with established paternity are financially responsible for the child in question. Paternity can sometimes be grounds to seek further involvement with their children, but in the eyes of the court, paternity is chiefly a distinction of financial support. Many times, this is not enough for a father. What they are really looking for is legitimation. Legitimation is more comprehensive and allows unmarried fathers to ensure further involvement and protections for their children.

Benefits of this include the following:

  • The right to seek visitation and custody
  • A child's right to future inheritance
  • A child's access to father's medical history
  • Consideration of father's family in custody and visitation matters

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