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Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injury

If you have been involved in a personal injury accident, you are probably now well aware of the difficulties it brings. Unfortunately, it is hard to prepare for accidents simply because they are unexpected and can happen at any time, to anyone, anywhere. Though you may still be in a state of shock about your situation, at Faucette Law Firm LLC, we can help you gain a better understanding of the gravity of your circumstances at this point. Below, a personal injury attorney from our firm has provided answers to some commonly asked questions that our clients have asked following an accident. Read below to learn more about what you may be facing. We also encourage you to be open to learning more, as many areas of personal injury law overlap and may be applicable to your situation as well.

If I can file a lawsuit myself, why do I need an attorney?

In the state of Georgia, you can pursue legal action for a personal injury claim on your own. As attorneys, and as a third-party entity that does not know you or your personal circumstances, we highly suggest that you do not go through this process alone. While it is true that many personal injury claims can be settled outside of court, a personal injury claim will more often than not require the attention of a professional, especially with complex cases regarding car accidents, nursing home abuse or medical malpractice suits.

Personal injury lawsuits tend to include long and complicated negotiations between two or more sides involved in an accident. When one or more parties are uncooperative during the negotiation process, a personal injury claim will not only be more time consuming but also risks being much more expensive than originally expected. Having a professional attorney by your side helps to ensure that your rights are protected and at-fault parties are held accountable. Retaining legal counsel can significantly improve your chances of obtaining a just and appropriate amount of compensation!

What do I need to prove my case?

Georgia adheres to a comparative negligence law. Essentially, this law requires proof of establishing how much of a role, if any, you played in causing – or preventing – your accident. Based on assessing the culpability of each party involved, the courts can determine your amount of compensation. If you are found to be less than 50% at fault in a personal injury accident, then you could be entitled to compensation.

The success of a personal injury case hinges on one major factor: the ability to prove negligence. It can be very difficult to prove negligence, and if your case ends up going to court, your injuries or damages will unfortunately not be enough to persuade a jury or a judge that the at-fault party is truly to blame for your injuries. In fact, in personal injury claims such as truck accidents, insurance companies try to avoid paying out the full extent of your rightful compensation by attempting to persuade the judge that you were in fact at fault for your own injuries. Proving negligence beyond a reason of doubt can only be accomplished with an experienced attorney, and even then, it can be a difficult process.

How long does a claim take to settle?

Settling a personal injury claim is dependent on an incredible amount of factors. More complex cases can take longer to settle, however, even simple personal injury claims can take months to resolve due to uncooperative parties. Consulting an experienced attorney can help you determine a general timeline for your case.

My loved one was killed due to someone’s recklessness. Can I seek legal action on their behalf?

Absolutely, and we wholeheartedly urge you to pursue compensation for the injustices done to your family. We offer dedicated and experienced legal counsel if you decide to proceed with a wrongful death claim against a negligent party. We understand that this time is especially emotional and distressing, so you can trust that our firm cares for your family’s rights in the aftermath of another person’s carelessness or recklessness. Financial compensation for your pain and suffering, lost wages due to taking time off work, or other expenses such as medical bills and funeral costs could be recovered. No amount of money can replace the life and love of your precious family member, but obtaining a financial recovery could be the first step to putting the pieces back together and regaining a happy, healthy and positive life.

I don’t live in Douglasville, but I need legal representation. Where else do you offer legal services?

If you have been injured in Georgia, we offer our legal counsel to various areas surrounding Douglasville. We proudly represent many cities throughout Georgia, including our own state capital of Atlanta. We also offer our services to residents of Douglas County in Villa Rica and Lithia Springs. Cobb County residents in Austell can trust that our lawyers can represent them to the fullest extent of the law, and we happily serve the Paulding County cities of Dallas and Hiram as well.

More Questions? Get Answers In A Free Consultation.

If mind in the above set of questions you did not see the answer to your question or the concern that has been plaguing your, do not think that your personal injury claim is too complex to be handled. Personal injury law and the various intricacies that surround the legal process are incredibly multifaceted, so it is impossible to answer every question in this format. If you have more questions about your personal injury claims, we happily open our lines of communication to you. If you take advantage of our free case evaluation, you can speak over the phone with a member of our firm. Should you prefer to meet in person to discuss your claims in confidence in our offices, simply fill out the case consultation form. If you have been injured, we can help you find the legal resolution you need in your case. Choose a law firm that cares, call an attorney now at 770-628-1208 or request a consultation with this convenient email form.