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When Property Owners’ Negligence Causes Harm

Under Georgia laws, property owners must keep their premises in safe and secure conditions to all tenants, guests and visitors. Should the premises become unsafe or if a hazard presents itself to tenants or invitees, the property owner must either warn anyone on the property and potential visitors of the hazard or remove the hazard completely to make the property safe once again. Unfortunately, negligent property owners who fail to adhere to Georgia’s laws create threatening environments for anyone on the property, making serious or fatal personal injury accidents a greater likelihood. A premises liability claim involves an injury to a person who is on the property of another person. If you were injured on a commercial or residential property, you could have grounds to take legal action against the negligent party or entity. Premises liability claims involve many injuries, including:

  • Unsafe environment
  • Slip-and-fall accidents
  • Negligent security leading to criminal activity
  • False arrests or false imprisonment
  • Mold or asbestos left untreated by landlords of apartment or condominium complexes
  • Uneven pavement left unfixed
  • Crumbling or broken walkways
  • Unsecured lighting, resulting in falling objects from heights
  • Broken stairs or steps
  • Slippery floors and greasy surfaces
  • Water hazards
  • Unsafe conditions at the workplace, or commercial venues such as theme parks, malls, garages or movie theaters

A property owner in Georgia is not liable simply by virtue of the incident occurring on the premises. This is because Georgia follows comparative negligence laws, which means at-fault parties and injured parties must prove how much each party was at fault or liable. Having strong legal representation by a Douglasville and Atlanta personal injury attorney at Faucette Law Firm LLC can help determine liability and what types of compensation may be available to you.

Striving For Successful Premises Liability Claims

Successful premises liability claims hinge on one factor: the ability to prove that the at-fault party was at least more than 49% liable for your injuries. While owners must exercise active care of their premises, not all accidents that occur on someone else’s property was entirely their fault or due to negligence. To protect your interests and ensure your injuries are heard in court, it is vital that you seek experienced legal counsel from our firm. Without a doubt, your well-being and your case are the priorities at our firm. We know that dealing with the repercussions of someone else’s negligence has cost you financially, emotionally, and physically. When it is legal representation you seek, look no further than our firm. Insurance companies will try to offer you minimal settlements for your injuries. Do not accept these offers without first consulting our knowledgeable personal injury lawyer! Our firm can help determine what damages may be compensable for your particular case. We offer free case evaluations and can discuss with you your legal options after a premises liability accident. Proving negligence may be difficult, but the faster you retain legal services from our firm, the quicker we can help determine the most pertinent factors in your premises liability claims. We proudly serve victims in Hiram, Dallas, Lithia Springs, Austell, Atlanta, Douglasville and Villa Rica.