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Social Security Disability Lawyer In Georgia

Challenges In Georgia’s Courts

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a federal program designed to protect and provide supplemental financial support. Individuals who have been injured and have suffered severe restrictions on their ability to work can apply for SSDI to receive the supplemental income to help provide for their families. Depending on the injury, one’s eligibility to attaining SSDI will increase or decrease and will be determined whether the disability funds will be awarded to you on a permanent or temporary basis. Unfortunately, eligible parties who have been disabled due to negligence in a personal injury accident such as a tragic car accidentmedical malpractice injury, or workers’ compensation-related injury can face very real challenges in the courts. SSDI cases are extremely complex in nature and require a tremendous amount of legal attention. Individuals who try to take on an SSDI case on their own will often realize just how frustrating the process can be without legal guidance. Though the program is designed by federal laws, the actual process of being granted SSDI can only be determined by a Georgia state agency. From there, the agency can either approve or deny your claim for disability. According to the U.S. Official Social Security Administration, nearly 70% of SSDI applicants in Georgia are denied of their SSDI funds. This high denial rate could be largely due to lack of legal representation from a quality Douglasville Social Security Disability attorney.

Douglasville And Atlanta Injury Lawyer Can Strengthen Your Claim

The process for filing an SSDI claim is infamously time-consuming and can be costly without legal representation. Georgia is notorious for having a highly selective process for approving SSDI claims, and has complex requirements and standards for an SSDI case to even be considered. Attempting to file for an SSDI claim on your own could be potentially devastating for your family and your financial future. The odds are stacked against you, so please consider enlisting in the help of a Douglasville and Atlanta personal injury attorney from Faucette Law Firm LLC to make your claims that much stronger. With our firm, we can ensure that you have the proper documentation and proof to persuade the courts of your eligibility for SSDI. The ability to prove your lack of work and inability to work for a long period of time, as well as your work history, tax history and severity of disability will all play a large and influential role in your case. Only an experienced and knowledgeable attorney knows how to carefully navigate the requirements of Social Security requirements and federal laws.

Faucette Law Firm LLC Is Here To Make Sure You Stay Protected!

At Faucette Law Firm LLC, we have nearly a decade of experience and work hard to protect the disabled and individuals or families who are in genuine need of financial support. We understand that negligence may have played a great role in your disability now, and we have the knowledge and skill in personal injury law to represent you strongly. We offer free case evaluations to our clients, so feel free to contact a Douglasville and Atlanta Social Security Disability lawyer to discuss how to go about your personal process to ensure the best possible chance of being approved for SSDI. As a fierce advocate of your rights, we can help you in your SSDI application process. There is so much at risk, so why put your financial future in the hands of an inexperienced Social Security Disability lawyer? From the moment that you walk through our doors to the final resolution, we can work hard for you throughout the entire application process to increase your chances of receiving financial support. We assist injured victims throughout Georgia, including in DouglasvilleAtlantaAustellDallasHiramLithia Springs and Villa Rica. Call our firm today.