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Caring Yet Aggressive Advocacy For Truck Accident Victims

Car accidents are scary enough, but perhaps one of the most traumatic events an automobile driver in Georgia can experience is a truck accident with an 18-wheeler. Big-rig trucks can typically weigh up to 180,000 pounds with loaded cargo. Add the monstrous size and weight of the truck to its inability to stop quickly or turn efficiently, and you have a recipe for potential disaster.

Despite federal regulations imposed on truckers to ensure safe roads for all drivers, truck accidents still happen all too often and claim innocent lives as a result. According to reports conducted by the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, in 2006 alone, nearly 13,263 accidents occurred involving Faucette Law Firm LLC, you can be informed of the rights that you are entitled to and the laws that Georgia has in place to protect you from inexcusable negligent behavior exhibited by truck drivers.

Truck accidents cause financial hardships for most victims due to costly repairs or medical bills. The serious and life-threatening injuries that can arise from a truck accident should never be treated lightly. We proudly help Douglasville and surrounding area residents with their truck accident claims.

Trucking Companies And Insurance Carriers Avoid Payouts

As counselors at law, we need to warn you about the potential challenges you may face in the aftermath of a truck accident. Although we take your injuries incredibly seriously and believe that the negligent truck driver who caused your injuries must be held accountable, there are other parties who will do everything in their power to try to keep you from receiving compensation for your injuries. Trucking companies that represent the truck driver or insurance carriers that represent the trucking companies will try to avoid paying out the full compensation and utilize elaborate and even sneaky tactics to try to make this happen.

Essentially, what insurance companies or trucking companies are attempting to accomplish is to deny or disprove any sort of liability or responsibility for your injuries or damages. Many insurance companies will try to offer quick settlements immediately following your accident. The idea behind this approach is that insurance companies hope unknowing victims will take the money due to the assumption that many people try to avoid courtroom litigation. Unfortunately, most people do not know that insurance companies will offer significantly less than what victims are actually entitled to receive.

Let Us Help You Seek Compensation – Free Consultation

Accepting a settlement for your truck accident early on could potentially set you up for a new disaster. Not only will Georgia courts bar you from attempting to receive more compensation for damages or injuries, but you also could experience even more financial hardship. You could end up regretting accepting an early settlement offer when your injuries become progressively worse or property damage becomes harder to pay for and you find you underestimated the full impact of the accident on your life.

Always consult an attorney before accepting a settlement offered by an insurance company. Retain legal services from a truck accident attorney from our firm immediately following your accident. Call 770-628-1208 today for a free case evaluation, or inquire via this easy email form. Retain strong legal advocacy today.